Hellboy, Batman and Toppi

Hellboy, Batman, Commission, Ink

I was commissioned to do a piece featuring “Hellboy and Batman” some time ago.

Actually … I had a layout done fairly quick and was ready to go to ink on it.

- However …

Something just didn’t ‘click’ for me, so I set it aside and thot about it some more. During this time I tried once more to save the first layout by changing some things that I didn’t like on the first one.

But it wasn’t to be … I still didn’t think the piece was “right.”

Last week, I was looking thru some of my books that have artwork done by Sergio Toppi … I love his work immensely!

I usually wake up very early in the morning, and while not remembering what day it was, I saw in my mind the image that I completed above. Somehow, the study had sunk into my head and showed me a layout that would work and be well designed at the same time!

- Not often does this happen, but I’m pleased with this final piece.

Hat tip, Sergio Toppi for his wonderful art and design inspiration!

- John

*UPDATE: 10-18-2014*
Just found this interview with Sergio Toppi from 09-11-2008. Read it at, The Sardinian Connection

Back From the ‘Burgh!

Actually, I was ‘back’ home, here in beautiful downtown Holly Hill, Florida on Monday.

Actually, I was trying to get this posted yesterday, but spent time with family, and then on business. There are always old and new things that need to be taken care of after returning from a convention. So it goes …
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Return of the “Batman” by Kelley Jones and John Beatty!

Kelley Jones is a lot of fun to ink.

When I received this piece from Kelley to complete for our client, it was all I could do not to jump on it and start inking.

However … work was upon me, so I had to set this beauty aside and wait, and wait, and wait some more. Finally I found time to start it and got an email from the person who had requested and paid for this commission.

There is a lot more back story to this piece and how the person who commissioned it almost had to pull out of the purchase.

So in the weeks following his contact with me about the problem, I was trying to find a ‘new’ buyer without any success.

My feeling is this is one of the most powerful and dramatic Batman pieces that Kel and I have done! That’s saying a lot, as we’ve done some good ones over the years we’ve worked together, and the commissions we’ve done the past few years.

Batman, Kelley Jones, John Beatty, The Batman, Jones and Beatty

Look for a full-color version soon!


- John