Who is Rico?


Who is Rico?

I can’t say that I know “Rico” well, but I know his color work well … and appreciate what he does immensely.

I’ve gotten to know Rico a bit over the years at HEROES CON.

After “MegaCon” this year, I knew there was something lacking from my table … a banner, some promotional material and “prints”. So I did some thinking and some asking around and decided I should have some swag to offer.

The image below was a piece that Kelley and I did mid-2013 to help a family member pay for some medical attention. This work was always a piece that really drew me into it. My thot was it would make a great cover or poster, so I immediately decided it would be my first print!

Batman, Joker, Kelley Jones, John Beatty, Rico RenziMy intention was to color it myself, but things such as “WORK” and family, etc, trying to be real about how long it would take “me” to color it, I decided to give Rico a shout and ask him if he might want to put his spin on it.

I’ve followed Rico’s work for a long time, and love his use of unusual colors and his bold, colorful palette. When he sent this back to me, he did not disappoint!

You can get in touch with Rico at his web site: NO LONGER MINT

Now you know who Rico is … if you didn’t already.

Thank you again, Rico, for doing what YOU do.

This print will be 11 x 17″ and first be available at Free Comic Book Day. I’ll be at “Coliseum of Comics” in the Seminole Towne Center, Sanford Florida, on May 3, 2014!

  • I will also be doing sketches.

So if you’re in the area, drop in, along with me will be, George Perez, Alex Saviuk, Shawn Surface, and many more!
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- John


MegaCon 2014 Rising!

One week from today, March 21, 2014, I will be at ” MegaCon 2014 “

Mega Convention 2014

I’ve been going to MegaCon since it started back in 1993.

So here we go, MegaCon 2014! I’m looking forward to meeting many friends, fans and making new friends!

I will be located at table #10, in section white for the weekend!

The following is a brief overview of what will be going on at the table over the course of the show:

  • Sketches: 11×17” sketches! Please Note* characters that require more work, such as “Galactus” will be charged at a higher rate than those that don’t have a lot of armor or weapons that need to be drawn. Also the term “sketches” is just that. Working at a show is, well, work, and I only have so many hours each day to work on sketches!
  • Head Sketches: 8.5×12″ These are a lot of fun and more budget friendly. I pick out a colored piece of paper that will best match your request. [ Example: if you want the Hulk, green paper, if you want Captain America, blue paper, etc ... ]
  • Book Signing: I will be signing books probably at two times each day, check my table for hours. During this time please note that I will have a HERO INITIATIVE jar on my table. That is for YOUR donation to them for having me sign books! Each year I try to raise money for them by doing this. Without YOUR help, I can’t. Some ask me “how much” which is a decision I can’t make. Give what you feel if fair and is in your heart. Please don’t come up with my 20+ years of work and ask me to sign everything tho. Try to limit your books to 10-15 if possible! Thank you ALL for your help in making The Hero Initiative a huge success in helping those in need!
  • Batman HC Reprint: If you wish to only have it signed, that’s fine, see above. If you wish to have a signature and sketch or remark in it, please note their will be a charge for this.

That’s it!

Come by, say “hello”, have fun, enjoy the show and respect everyone!

See you next weekend if you’re planning on coming by. If you have ANY pre-show questions, by all means please CONTACT me.

- John

Thanos Sketch Cover: Step-by-Step

Another “Thanos!”

This time, with someone I had inked Thanos over, pencil artist, Ron Lim.

” The Thanos Quest ” was the project.

Published in September and October, 1990 by Marvel Comics. Written by Thanos creator Jim Starlin and drawn by Ron.

Below is the penciled cover by Ron, that I was requested to ink.

Ron Lim - Thanos Sketch Cover - Pencils

Ron Lim – Thanos Sketch Cover – Pencils

I thot it could use a bit more drawing and detail to fill out the dead areas on the cover a bit. I talked to the client and made a few suggestions to him. He agreed. So … I went to work!
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Thanos: Kelley Jones and John Beatty

Thanos by: Kelley Jones and John Beatty

Thanos © Marvel Comics

If YOU might be interested in having Kelley and myself do a commission for you, please contact me

  • Two more upcoming are of Batman and Sandman.

– Note* they are not inexpensive, but they are cover quality art work, not sketches or fast work. Usually there is a ‘wait’ time for both Kelley and I to do them. But you may inquire to get listed if you wish.

Thanks for looking, and hope you enjoy this one. I know I did. This was the first time Kelley and I did Thanos and it was a lot of fun!

- John


Captain America: Epic Collection Vol 9

This has been a stellar week at the beautiful “Big Beatty Studio” in wonderful downtown Holly Hill, Fl.

Two books of note hit my doorstep this week, both books are reprint works.

One from my start as an inker, and the other from around my end game of doing monthly comics.

The first delivery was the LONG over due reprinting of “BATMAN” Written by, Doug Moench and pencilled by Kelley Jones! It’s a very nice hard cover book. Doug, Kelley, and I started working on the monthly “Batman” book in 1995, and did a three year run until 1998.

Next thing I know a delivery from Marvel Comics, one copy of:
Captain America Epic Collection: Dawn’s Early Light.”
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Going Local

  • May 3, 2014: Free Comic Book Day!

First up is Free Comic Book Day. I will be appearing at Coliseum of Comics, in Sanford, Florida! Along the other artists’ you will find there will be Alex Saviuk and George Perez! For more information and news, please see the store web site or their Facebook page!

Hours are from 10:00am – 9:00pm

I will be doing sketches and signing books! Sketches will be done first come, first serve for a nominal fee. Probably the smaller head shots on colored paper!

  • June 8th, 2014 will be my return to the Daytona Comic Book Convention!


A return to the Daytona Beach Comic Book Convention. Come meet Dick Kulpa, Joseph Lovece, and good friend and cartoonist at large, Rob Smith Jr. [ I don't know where Rob gets his steam, but if you try and follow him on Facebook or his blog, you'll get the idea that he might not get much sleep! ]

I will be doing sketches and signing books! Sketches will be done first come, first serve for a nominal fee.

Show hours are: 10:00am to 4:00pm and admission is $5.00

See the show site: Daytona Beach Comic Convention for more details and other announcements!
– And don’t forget to “LIKE” their Facebook page!

If you’re in the area, stop in, say “hi” and look around! Thanks again …

- John