Return of the “Batman” by Kelley Jones and John Beatty!

Kelley Jones is a lot of fun to ink.

When I received this piece from Kelley to complete for our client, it was all I could do not to jump on it and start inking.

However … work was upon me, so I had to set this beauty aside and wait, and wait, and wait some more. Finally I found time to start it and got an email from the person who had requested and paid for this commission.

There is a lot more back story to this piece and how the person who commissioned it almost had to pull out of the purchase.

So in the weeks following his contact with me about the problem, I was trying to find a ‘new’ buyer without any success.

My feeling is this is one of the most powerful and dramatic Batman pieces that Kel and I have done! That’s saying a lot, as we’ve done some good ones over the years we’ve worked together, and the commissions we’ve done the past few years.

Batman, Kelley Jones, John Beatty, The Batman, Jones and Beatty

Look for a full-color version soon!


- John

“Lost” again?


Time has past … I was again, “LOST” or so it seemed.

  • Let’s catch up!

Reunited with Mike Zeck at the Tampa Bay Comic Con in early August.

What a great show! If you didn’t make it and lived in Florida, well … there is next year! I hope to be back myself.

Upon my return from TBCC, I had just unpacked when I was hit with a literal ton of client work that kept me up night and day. I was mixed up all month. Going to bed well after I usually go to sleep … grabbing a few hours here and there. No real schedule but met every deadline I took! > whew! <

I completed the work I took on just in time for the first Amelia Con! It was a smaller venue, but the people showed up and Tayler and Jennifer were fantastic hosts’! Needless to say … attendance and the overall success was great for them! That’s good news and they are planning a second show in 2016. They are working hard on making improvements from this years event. Good job to all involved.

For me, I’ve got Pittsburgh Comicon next weekend and will post more on that soon.

This year has heated up for NEXT year!

Looks like in 2015 I’ll be doing one show a month and there are a couple of months that I’ll be traveling to two shows.

I’ll be posting some NEW shows for the end of this year and for next year soon.

Now … back to it!


- John

Sandman: Kelley Jones – John Beatty

Another commission piece by Kelley Jones and myself!

This time, a character that Kelley knows well, but this is my first time inking him over Kelley. I’m sure I did a few small Sandman pieces in the past … quick head sketches, but this is the first full sized piece, and over someone who is connected with the character like Kel is!


Sandman by Kelley Jones and John Beatty
I think this might make a nice “black & white” print!

As always, inking Kelley is a lot of fun … lot’s of textures and other things that bring out the best in an inker! I’m truly blessed to be able to have inked him in the past and to continue to get these commissions now!


- John

Heroes Con 2014 – 411

Tomorrow the family and I are headed up north.

North Carolina, that is, Charlotte to be exact.

John Beatty, Comic Convention, Heroes Con, Charlotte, North Carolina
Time for the annual ” Heroes Convention! ” A show I’ve last attended back in 2008, or was it 2009?

Oh, well, it’s been to many years since we’ve been there, so it’s time to kick back and enjoy a ‘working weekend’ of sorts!

Now … onto the 411 of where, what and when!

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