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COLLECTIVE CON 2015: THE WRAP UP Tue, 12 May 2015 00:00:58 +0000 My view from behind the table of this new pop-culture show “Collective Con.”

A first year “pop-culture” show held inside the Expo Center of the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. Always a roll of the dice for new events, some soar and others bomb. It’s the nature of the game and there are no guarantees to which way an event will swing.

Collective Con 2015 - The Wrap Up

What is about to follow, should you continue reading, ( and I hope you will ) is my unbiased view of what I came away with by being a guest at Collective Con 2015.


Email history is great. I did a quick search to find when the show first contacted me and found one from July 28, 2014. It came from the same people who, and still do, put on the Ocala Comic Con. This first email was more of an announcement of “intent” to do the Jacksonville Collective Con show and to gather interest from creators. For some reason, which I don’t remember, it appears that I didn’t respond to the query email.


November 11, 2014. Christopher Major from the event sends an email via my contact form to introduce himself and expresses interest in having me attend the show as a guest comic book artist. Dates are the same as the show was. It was pretty straight forward and I responded and we worked out the details of my appearance.


As noted above, ALL first year events are a “roll of the dice” for everyone involved. No guarantees are made by the show, except what you have agreed upon before the show starts. Once you’re locked and loaded, and sitting behind your table, all bets are off.

I found the Jacksonville Fairground and the Expo Center … after being detoured around EverBank Field ( where the Jacksonville Jaguars play ), due to graduations being held. I was relying on “Siri” to get me thru, but the Jacksonville Police had different plans. So what should have been an easier ride over from one of the host hotels became a bit of a burden to run around. Especially in an area that I had never traveled. Needless to say, I got into the right place and unloaded my stuff.

As to not bore you anymore with needless details such as getting to the Expo Center from the hotel … and yes, it was difficult on Friday and Saturday, but no problem on Sunday. Let’s just do some plus / minus bullet points to cover the show.


  • No table covers for the interior tables, only for the “guest” tables, and they were pretty bad.
  • If you were in the middle of the show, and didn’t have, or bring a table cloth, you got a wood topped table.
  • Getting to the event. OK, so I know the show can’t control other events on the same weekend. BUT, a shuttle service from the hotels to the Expo Center would have been handy! — Maybe next year?
  • Parking. The lot is small and filled up fast — from what I heard — I was always an hour early so it didn’t effect me.
  • Three days? Friday was bust for “me” but I think with all the free events and music, it was OK for being outside.
  • Equality for all. I’m not sure how it happened, but between myself, Bob McLeod and James O’Barr, we all heard, ” Oh, didn’t know YOU were going to be here!” more than a few times over the three days. The social feeds from the show before it happened were more about the media quests and the music. So next year, take note and equal that up. That’s for your “paid” vendors too … they are part of the show also.
  • Ticket price! Again … I didn’t know what it was to get in until I had some people mention to me that it was a lot. I had to agree. I heard $25 on Friday and $30 on Saturday, plus $10 to park. I’m not sure what the price on Sunday was?
  • Sunday was “Mother’s Day”


  • Saturday. Seemed more energetic with more people inside and being engaged with the creators. A two day event would have made this a better start to a first show. ( my opinion )
  • Friendly people. Everyone who came to my table was friendly and seemed to be happy that “they” had a show in Jacksonville.
  • Outside and night events. Altho they aren’t for me, these seemed to be the ones that pulled the bigger crowds. This show was very eclectic so they fit in, looking at the BIG picture.


Personally, I believe these guys will take a lot away from this first year and be back. They’ve done well with the Ocala Comic Con, from what I’ve heard. So it would appear they do take feedback seriously and will make any changes needed to have a year two in Jacksonville.

From what I heard on Saturday, the people who live in and around Jacksonville would love to have a yearly show near by and would be more than willing to support it. The price point is going to be an issue, but the promoters are going to have to layout their budget and get some others promoters to join and that will help off-set the costs of everything from getting table cloths to being able to charge less at the door!

This was a show I was ready to put in the books as a lost cause after Friday, but Saturday corrected that. Not 180° but at least it gave hope to the future. Sunday was typical of most shows, but I’m sure it didn’t help being Mother’s day.

Many people were tearing down and leaving at 12:30pm and others left around the 3:00 mark. Myself, I was there until around 4:30pm, but only hanging out a bit. My table was done at 3:30pm and I was just chatting with some friends and checking on how others had done.

Only time will tell if the show returns next year. The numbers need to be run, adjustments need to be made and perhaps a poll needs to be taken to see if the people would come out and support a show in bigger numbers next year.


For me … one of the best parts was they had a really good designer doing their collateral for the show.


To the people who took the chance. Not only the promoters and sponsors, but all the vendors who paid for table space, rooms and travel. I thank you all for showing up and giving this show a shot.

Double that for the fans who attended!

I hope everyone came out with something good. Each show is different and learning that is key.


I’m anxious to hear from those that attended. From the people who see the show from the “other side of the table” and can give me a deeper perspective view of their feelings. Post them up here, share them.


I’d love to hear YOUR thot’s!

Post Links:

Collective Con Web Site
Ocala Comic Con Web Site
Bob McLeod Web Site
James O’Barr Wikipedia

Thx –

– John

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FAQ: WHAT INK DO YOU USE? Thu, 07 May 2015 00:30:16 +0000 One of the most common questions I get is, “What ink do you use?”

Well to answer that we need to go back in time, a time where not only ink but ALL of the art supplies were pretty much flawless in the way they were made. For better or worse, I saw the demise of “traditional” supplies decline in quality or at worst, go out of business and become extinct.

My all time favorite ink was “Pelikan yellow label drawing ink.”

Before I dig into the inks I’ve chosen to comment on, I need to be clear that I do not use, or like the “acrylic based” inks due to the tackiness of them and the damage they can do to your brushes if you let the ink dry in them.

Let’s start!

What I look for in ink:

  1. Consistency in quality
  2. Fluidity – flow
  3. Density
  4. Local availability

Photo Credits: All photos used in this review were taken from Dick Blick online, where I buy most of my art supplies due to the lack of a good, well stocked local store.


Dick Blick, Black Cart India Ink

I wanted to like this ink.

Being a customer of Dick Blick, it’s nice when a company puts out it’s own products and they work well.

Unfortunately for me the ink is much to watery and doesn’t cover well.

It’s density is not there. I also noticed that it seemed to develop little burrs of something in my brush? I’m not sure what that was, I only know it was annoying.

It’s selling point is the price. It’s the least expensive of the inks I’ve tried, but that’s the only plus I found.

— Ink is NOT cheap when you realize you’re buying it by the ounce’ and it’s come to the point where buying a big bottle is problematic if you run into a bad batch, the whole bottle is bad.

There is a Blick brick and mortar store in Florida, but it’s not near where I live.


  1. Consistency in quality – * of *****
  2. Fluidity – flow – ***** of *****
  3. Density – * of *****
  4. Local availability – none


Higgins Black Magic Waterproof Ink

Black Magic used to be one of the top inks used by comic artists’ for decades.

I’ve used my share of it over the decades, however the last bottle that I purchased and tried was as the Blick Black Cat ink, to watery and not dense enough.

The ink is more of a dark grey than black, which given it’s “name” you would think Higgins would make sure the density of the ink would be super black.

A disappointment to be sure.

Once a stable in every cartoonists’ supplies, it no longer has a place in my inking stable.


  1. Consistency in quality * of *****
  2. Fluidity – flow ***** of *****
  3. Density * of *****
  4. Local availability – sometimes


Amazing that an ink marked for “use on film” actually makes for good brush and dip pen inking.

It’s a bit on the shiny side, but it flows thru either a brush or pen nice.

Originally this ink was to be used in “Rapiograph Technical Pens” but once the quality of other ink I had been using began to suffer, I had to find something that worked.

Other inker’s I knew had started using this ink and some even began to make their own “mixes” of a few parts this one, and a few that one.

I never went for that, as I felt that creating a mix was trying to re-invite the wheel.

Ink should just let me do it’s job. No more, no less.

So I never tried mixing inks … it just wasn’t something I felt should be necessary.

This was ink that did what I wanted it to, but the small bottles where all it came in and it’s not even a full ounce. It became a game of finding and waiting until something would come along to replace this one.


  1. Consistency in quality *** of *****
  2. Fluidity – flow **** of *****
  3. Density *** of *****
  4. Local availability – none



Black Sumi Ink!

Ok, so I was late to the “party” on this ink. I had heard a lot about it, but never took the time to try it until last year when fellow illustrator, Christopher Gardner recommended it to me and it’s the ink he uses.

I’m very impressed with it.

If I had two complaints, they are:

  1. A bit shiny
  2. A bit tacky – but in this case it can be a plus

— The plus on my “tacky” ink comment is that it makes doing “dry brush” inking a bit easier!
If the ink begins to thicken up a bit to much, a quick brush rinse cures that problem. —

Sumi ink is very dense, has good flow and is consistent in quality. I bought a small bottle to test (2oz) and now have purchased the bigger bottle which is 12oz.

Black Sumi Ink is now one of the two inks I use regularly.


  1. Consistency in quality **** of *****
  2. Fluidity – flow **** of *****
  3. Density **** of *****
  4. Local availability – none



Pelikan finally got back on the market some time ago and this is now the ink ( along with the Sumi ) that I use for inking.

While it’s not as good as the “old” yellow label Pelikan ink, it’s still got a good feel to it as it smoothly flows using either a brush or dip pen nib.

The negatives are it’s not as dense as it used to be ( seems none of the inks are ) and, it will sometimes lift up some if rigorous erasing is needed.

Leaving no debris in my brush, makes for easy brush cleaning, which keeps them in good working order.
( And what brushes I use or have used will be another in the blog ‘FAQ’ series. )

— Back sometime in the 90’s while shopping my local art supply store, the salesperson mentioned to me that all the Pelikan yellow label ink was going to stop production, so whatever they had in stock was going to be all they would have until the formula was re-made.

— She continued that apparently Pelikan had been sold and the new owners were going to make the “new” ink safer for people who had been using it for tattoos … which I found odd as it was always marked as “not” for tattoo use?


  1. Consistency in quality – **** of *****
  2. Fluidity – flow – ***** of *****
  3. Density – *** of *****
  4. Local availability – sometimes


Inking has changed over the decades that I’ve been involved in it, and I’m sure that those before me saw changes that they had to deal with.

Dealing with supplies that are sometimes sub-par can make what we do more difficult than it should be.

That’s true for any business in this day, where change is always happening and adapting is a necessity to continue working in the chosen field.



What’s your take on what I’ve written?

Do you have any of the same issues with the inks I’ve listed and reviewed? Do you have a different, maybe positive review of any of the inks that I’ve expressed dislike for?

Please post your impressions and let’s keep the discussion going.

Post Links:

Dick Blick Web Site

Thx –

– John

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FCBD 2015 @SMASH: WRAP UP Sun, 03 May 2015 16:55:57 +0000 So another year of “Free Comic Book Day” has come and left us until the next first Saturday in May 2016!

I spent the day this year with the fine folks at:

Smash Comics and Games Logo

Here’s a look back at some of the fun that was had by all attending yesterday.

Smash Comics and Games, Sanford Florida


Arriving just before the mall opened at 10am, I found my table and got set-up and ready to meet and greet!

After a quick shuffle from the mall manager due to blocking Macy’s, we were finally able to get settled and busy with the event.

The crowd was ready and now “we” were too!

The day was filled with a lot of fun. Meeting new people and seeing friends is always a pleasure.

I enjoyed having a bit of time to chat, as usual, with those attending Free Comic Book Day 2015!

So, let’s see some pictures of who was there this year!

It’s hard to top comic artist legend George Perez.

George doing what he loves!

George Perez
George always brings a big smile and a cheerful attitude to any event he attends.
FCBD is only one of many he’s a great ambassador for!

Shawn Surface is someone you’ll be hearing from more. If you don’t know him, do yourself a favor and check out his site via the “post links.”

Shawn Surface
Shawn is currently launching his creator owned book, “Mandi” and will be promoting it thru the year. Release date is 2015 under his “Peacenik Press” imprint!

Monica and Graven Ravenwolf. I’ve become friendly with this dynamic couple since meeting them at the  FCBD14 event last year.

We’ve developed a growing friendship, they are extremely nice people to be around.

The Art of Ravenwolf
Both also very talented artists’ … make sure to see them at “Collective Con” next weekend, in Jacksonville, Florida!

Nathan Szerdy … you may never forget this guy if you meet him, his sense of humor and laugh are contagious.

Nathan is a king of clever designs that make great selling prints.

Constantly on the radar of many fans, wanting to see and purchase his newest creations.

Nathan Szerdy
Nathan is just fun. From his work to his personality he’s living the dream!

Make sure if he’s at a convention near you to get to see him!

Would YOU buy a used car from this guy? No, I wouldn’t either, however we are in luck because to my knowledge, and I could be wrong, he doesn’t sell them!

Patrick Riley the “Riley” of “The Riley & Kimmy Show” where they record and post podcasts about ALL things nerd, freaky and fun: comic books, superheroes, cosplay, sci-fi, television pop culture, technology, horror, action figures, toys, collecting and lifestyle/health topics! > whew <

Riley and Kimmy Show
I would encourage everyone to visit their site, posted in the “post links” below and give the show a listen, it’s a lot of fun and you never know who they are going to have on and where they will be next. Riley and Kimmy seem to be everywhere all the time.

I don’t know how they do it?

I believe Kimmy was over getting a drawing from George Perez when I decided to gird my loins and go by their table for this beautiful photo of Riley.

I’ll make sure to get Kimmy in the next photo of their table set-up!

Riley and I have decided we need to sit down and do a one on one interview or random thots podcast, but since I have a “gift” of talking long because I need my stories to have details.

Details are what give my narratives the full bloom they may need to flesh out clearly.

This will need to be in the Orlando studio of the show so we can just let the tape roll!

You can listen to the show about Free Comic Book Day on their latest podcast, linked below.

Thanks to the fine folks at Smash Comics and Games for hosting me, the people I’ve posted here and most importantly the FANS who come out and make this all possible.

Post Links:

Free Comic Book Day Web Site
Smash Comics and Games Web Site
Surface Art / Shawn’s DeviantArt Page
The Art of Ravenwolf Web Site
Nathan Szerdy Web Site
The Riley and Kimmy Web Site
The Riley and Kimmy podcast from FCBD 2015

See you all next time!

Thx –

– John

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COLLECTIVE CON: JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Wed, 29 Apr 2015 14:30:57 +0000 I like the name “Collective Con” – It speaks

With many new and first shows, they tend to name themselves a “comic con” and then only 10-20% of the show is actually “comic book, comic creators and other comic related items,” it’s refreshing to see a new show’s name encompassing the “collective” other, that so many shows have now incorporated into.

Collective Con, Jacksonville, Florida, May 8, 9, 10, John Beatty
I read it as the “collective” whole, meaning the complete world of geek, nerd, cosplay, anime, manga, toys, independent press, music, media, and pop-culture. If I missed your area of “collective” please know that it’s not on purpose, I’m just not aware of how much else there is.

“CollectiveCon – 2015″

Show dates are May 8th – 10th, 2015 and I’ll have some “collective” goodies on sale for those who are into my geeky stuff!

Join the ‘social media’ feeds by using the “tag and hashtag”

  • @CollectiveConvention
  • #CollectiveConFL

Drop by @CollectiveConvention #CollectiveConFL JaxFL May-08-10-2015
Click To Tweet

Show Swag.

For a list of things I’ll have available at my table take a look at my Convention Pricing quide.

This is great to budget your show funds.

Pre-Show Commission?

Don’t wait in line or wait over night to get a drawing or other piece of art done by me! You can pre-order a sketch by using the ” Convention Pricing ” page and pick out want you want, then “ Contact ” me for details!

Limted time offer as the show is soon approaching!

— This show is being run by the same folks who put on the Ocala Comic Con.

Will try and make the Ocala Comic Con next year – It’s been a long time since I’ve journeyed up that way and would like to re-visit the area for the show

Post Links:

CollectiveCon Web Site
Ocala Comic Con Web Site

Thx –

– John

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MEGACON 2015: THE WRAP UP Mon, 27 Apr 2015 13:30:18 +0000 A look back at “MegaCon 2015″ from behind the table.

John Beatty - Behind The Table

This year was my best at the ever growing MegaCon in Orlando, Florida.

If MegaCon 2014 was my worst year since it started, MegaCon 2015 was no doubt my best.

Having survived the over-crowded floor of 2014, where people were jammed in and many left outside due to capacity overloads, the promoters of MegaCon made some nice changes this year.

MegaCon 2015 Logo

Here’s Three Things I Noticed Right Away:

  1. Moved back to the old convention building
  2. Wider aisles
  3. Announcements reminding people NOT to stop in the aisles for photo taking

The Main Event:

Hearing that over 30K were in attendance on Friday and the expected attendance was for 60K on Saturday. These figures were given by local news and radio stations on site.

If I had one complaint again this year, it would be that the Orange County Convention Center is still hard to get to, unless you book a room at one of the hotels that are close by and can walk over. I was about 2 miles away, and navigating International Drive to the OCCC parking lot is not a fun thing. I-Drive is busy with traffic and people all the time, day and night, along with buses, bike transporters, etc, so paying close attention to the happenings around you is a must.

— Parking was $10 per day. It is the cost of doing business, so the complaint is not really valid, more of an annoyance if anything.

All three days seemed brisk with only Sunday afternoon having a few periods of lag time. I had a lot of table time as fans and friends stopped by to chat or pick up something from my table.

Autographing was busy and I managed to do some sketch commissions and blank covers, which were usually done in my room at night after the show, and completed in the morning before I went to the convention floor, or finished the hour before the public was let in.

We had a great table set up, being along side Lee Weeks was a nice treat for me as I got to know him better and see him work. Weeks can flat out draw beautifully. He also carries a deck of cards and entertains fans by doing some “magic” tricks at the table.

Lee even got my friend, Craig Zablo and myself into a very kool card trick that left us both pretty amazed.

Alex Saviuk was also slated to be showing in our table area, but had to cancel due to sickness.

Rounding out the tables was Jeff Balke, who I met first last year at the “Orlando Toy & Comic Con.Jeff is a colorist and does “Sketch Coloring.”

Make or Break MegaCon for Me:

The damage from last year seemed to be gone and the only place I could see that was possibly over crowded was the “artist alley” area, which seemed to have more narrow aisles and looked some what over booked with tables. That might have just been an illusion given attendance.

I had very high hopes for MegaCon this year, and it met my expectations. Changes made to my table presentation seemed to have been paying off.

Changes Made By and For Myself:

After last year, I knew changes had to be made in what I was doing, or not doing at my table, so I looked, asked others questions and began to really drill down that being part of a “convention” as a guest, is work. It’s fun work, but it’s still work!

Promoting my appearances at the shows I’m scheduled to be at and having a table display are all part of getting those who already know my work, and those who don’t over to the table. It’s extra prep-time and there is some expense involved, however, it’s proven to be worth the work and effort.

Sometimes it’s hard to balance time to keep the table going. Not wanting to come off as snobbish to someone who is chatting about something you have worked on that changed them, or inspired them to reach their own goals, I try my best to be as polite and generous with the time I have with all, but remembering that there are others are in line also.

Being attentive and aware is the balance for those on each side of the table or booth!

My Goal Was to Make the Best of Each Day:

Engage those who came to visit me, talk with them as time allowed and serving those who came for other convention goodies. It seems that this research and time has been a very good investment behind the table.

Being engaged at the show, with fans, friends and peers is key. The hardest part is having time to get in a quick chat with other creators, as we are all busy with the audience we get at our individual tables.

I mention these things as so many shows have grown to very large events, that every person is of value to you. Each one who comes to your table to visit, is someone who you have touched with the work you’ve been blessed to do. I respect them all and do my best to make sure their time with me is well spent and worthwhile.

Peer to Peer Conversations and Dinners:

I did get to have a half hour, maybe a bit more, talk with the “Action Bible” artist and all around nice guy, Sergio Cariello. During our chat, Sergio made a very interesting sale of the “Action Bible” to a woman who we’ll just say had a way with words, especially with the purchase she was making.

Sergio and I looked at each other and couldn’t help but chuckle at the incident.

The intention to visit with people in your own industry is fun, and while you make a mental note to try and see those who you’ve lost some contact with over time. Usually if the show keeps you in your seat, you don’t have the time and try to catch them “next time” which again is hard.

I was happy to see John Higashi show up and he invited a small group of friends to eat on Friday … if you know John, then it’s hard to turn him down. He’s a great guy and a lot of fun to talk to. Thanks always, Mr. Higashi!

MegaCon’s Future:

Hopefully the show will continue this path next year, but that hope could be just wishful dreaming.

I say this because of the take over of MegaCon by the FanExpo organization, which is owned by Informa PLC.

FanExpo-MegaCon, Informa PLC
This news broke on Bleeding Cool just before MegaCon 2015 launched.

Admittedly, when I read this and it spread over social media, I was saddened about it. Beth Widera, who has been the person behind the show since 1999, when Mark Alessi, founder of the failed comic book company, “CrossGen” purchased MegaCon. In 2003 Beth purchased the show and grew it to what it has become a monster show.

The news announcement seemed to be generating more chit-chat around the shows future. Perhaps because it will be now run by Informa PLC, one of the world’s largest event organizers, also run other like conventions, such as “Fan Expo Canada”.

Hearing snippets of information about FanExpo shows from other pro’s and fans, didn’t make a good first impression.

There were other comments from people, but those will remain in my confidence as some were not flattering to the show being sold, and the new owners take over.

Two of the biggest changes announced are:

  1. The show will be in May, the weekend before Memorial Day 2016
  2. It is growing from 3 to 4 days in 2016

Next year the show will debut with it’s new leadership and format, then there will be no guessing or speculation as to how the changes will effect or not going forward.

MegaCon’s Early Years:

I’ve been going to MegaCon since it’s start in 1993. I’ve see the show go thru good times and hard times. It’s always been a “home” show for me since I lived in Orlando when it started and helped it’s original owner, promoter, James Breitbeil.

Remembering him reaching out for help getting some comic artists’ contact info to invite them to the “new” show.

Those beginning years, until this year, MegaCon has always felt like a “home” show to me due to the many people I know in the Central Florida area, both professionally and the fans.

My Final Thot’s:

I have a love/hate relationship with MegaCon, always have. It’s been an up and down show for me over the years, but I still go back, because you never know, like that box of chocolates Forrest Gump has sitting in his lap … MegaCon is like that.

“You never know what you’re going to get!”

— I would be remiss to not take time to say “Thank You” to Beth and Christine along with the MegaCon staff and volunteers! In all sincerity, “Thank You” for everything you’ve done to make MegaCon the experience it’s been, and hopefully will continue to be!

I appreciate all you’ve done for those who turn out each year to support the show.

So, will I be back at the “show” next year?

The odds are headed towards “no” from what I can tell.

The old class of regular MegaCon comic guests will be replaced is my “guess.”

I don’t know this for a fact, but in and around those who have dealt with the new owners, that’s the possibility and I’m fine with that. I could use “new” exposure myself, which is why you see me attending more shows this year.

All things considered, the new May date doesn’t thrill me, nor does extending the show to 4 days. This may be a great thing to happen … in the meantime, I’m sure things will be happening in the background and in time the show will be put together and hopefully remain the success it’s been enjoying.

So What’s YOUR Take Away?

  • If you attended MegaCon this year, please leave some comments below.
  • Did you get the same impressions as I did?
  • What were your impressions of the show this year?
  • I’m looking forward to reading them!

Post Links:
Mega Convention Web Site
Fan Expo Web Site
Informa PLC Web Site
Lee Weeks on Twitter @InkDropInc
Sergio Cariello Web Site
The Action Bible
Jeff Balke Web Site
Craig Zablo Web Site

Other Reviews and Resources:
Informa Web Site: MegaCon Purchase
Orlando Sentinel: MegaCon Sold to Informa
Bleeding Cool Web Site

Thx for reading, and please leave a comment!

– John

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FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2015 Sat, 25 Apr 2015 14:00:47 +0000 Next Saturday @ ” Smash Comics and Games ” May 2, for ” Free Comic Book Day
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2015Last year was a lot of fun and this year promises more of the same.
Guests Include:

  • George Perez
  • Shawn Surface
  • Nathan Szerdy
  • Graven and Monica Ravenwolf
  • Humphrey Ching
  • Kate Carlton
  • Josh Dykstra
  • Chris Butler
  • The Riley & Kimmy Show
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Phoenicia and the Ladies of Atiya-Razi

Smash Comics and Games Logo

Smash Comics and Games


  • Seminole Towne Center
  • 196 Towne Center Circle
  • Sanford, FL 32771
  • Phone: (407)-324-1800

Store opens at 10:00am and the event will run until …

FCBD 2015 @SMASHComicGames – Come bring your kids, and be a kid again!
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Shop @ John Beatty Art Mon, 20 Apr 2015 13:35:59 +0000 John Beatty Art Store

Welcome to the store!

Contact me if you have any questions prior to ordering.

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