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I’ve been involved with “MegaCon” since it started. The original owner/founder of the show contacted me when he was in need of guests’ for the first show. I gave him some contacts and helped in getting the word out about a new show in Orlando!

Mega Con Orlando - 2015 - John Beatty

Dates for this show are, April 10-11-12!

Look for me in the “Guest Artist” area this year. Check the MegaCon web site for all the information on the show!

Drop by the table and say “HI!”

For those interested, please review my Convention Pricing Page.

Thx, and see you all soon -

- John


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Indiana Comic Con – 2015 Mon, 02 Mar 2015 13:25:47 +0000 Show two for 2015!

Brought to you by the same folks who do the Tampa Bay Comic Con, I’ll be heading to Indiana for the first time in my life this month!

Indiana Comic Con, Mike Zeck, John Beatty, Bob McLeod, Steranko

Dates for this show are, March 13-14-15!

Penciller, Collaborator and most of all, friend, MIKE ZECK is one of the Comic Con’s “Guests of Honor!”

Mike and I did the Tampa Bay Comic Con last year and it was a great show … in fact, it was the first time Zeck and I had been at a show in decades together! This will be our second show teamed back up again.

Great time to come and have your books signed by Mike and myself!

  • Captain America
  • Secret Wars
  • The Punisher
  • Many G.I. Joe covers
  • The Kingdom

* Please see my convention pricing page for details.

Hopefully the weather will be “nice” and no snow will fall during the show.

Drop by, say “HI” and grab some swag! See you there?


- John

]]> 0 Sketch Surgery 101 Wed, 05 Nov 2014 17:25:18 +0000 KJ-JB-150x150

From time to time I get a request to take a sketch by another artist.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as just re-inking certain areas of the sketch that have faded over time and doing a quick clean up of line work that has also faded.

This is usually requested over sketches by artists’ that I have inked before. In this case, the piece was a quick sketch of Batman by my friend and collaborator on numerous Batman projects, Kelley Jones!

During the Tampa Bay Comic Con this year, I received an email about doing such a piece. I was busy as could be but replied that I would need to get back in touch with the person after the show, so I could think about it and if he had an image could he send it.

Well, that was the problem. He had not purchased the sketch yet and it was dependent upon my agreeing to do the work it needed if he was going to pick it up or let it go. I made the decision to do it.

Below is the artwork that was supplied to me to work on.
Kelley Jones, John Beatty, Jones Beatty Batman, Batman, Sketch

The client and I discussed what he wanted to see me do on the piece and I was game for it. Having to put the piece aside for awhile as I was working on other work, I was finally able to pick away at it until finishing it up this morning! Below is the final result.
Kelley Jones, John Beatty, Jones Beatty Batman, Batman, Sketch, Sketch Clean-Up

Using “lamp black gouache” for the background sky and a white-out pen for the lightning strike.
I used regular ink and brush for the rest along with some of the Pitt pens and brush to smaller details.

So … another “Sketch Surgery” is completed and will soon be in the hands of the client for safe keeping.

Thx for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.

- John

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Hellboy, Batman and Toppi Wed, 15 Oct 2014 15:55:56 +0000 Hellboy, Batman, Commission, Ink

I was commissioned to do a piece featuring “Hellboy and Batman” some time ago.

Actually … I had a layout done fairly quick and was ready to go to ink on it.

- However …

Something just didn’t ‘click’ for me, so I set it aside and thot about it some more. During this time I tried once more to save the first layout by changing some things that I didn’t like on the first one.

But it wasn’t to be … I still didn’t think the piece was “right.”

Last week, I was looking thru some of my books that have artwork done by Sergio Toppi … I love his work immensely!

I usually wake up very early in the morning, and while not remembering what day it was, I saw in my mind the image that I completed above. Somehow, the study had sunk into my head and showed me a layout that would work and be well designed at the same time!

- Not often does this happen, but I’m pleased with this final piece.

Hat tip, Sergio Toppi for his wonderful art and design inspiration!

- John

*UPDATE: 10-18-2014*
Just found this interview with Sergio Toppi from 09-11-2008. Read it at, The Sardinian Connection

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Back From the ‘Burgh! Wed, 01 Oct 2014 11:45:55 +0000 Actually, I was ‘back’ home, here in beautiful downtown Holly Hill, Florida on Monday.

Actually, I was trying to get this posted yesterday, but spent time with family, and then on business. There are always old and new things that need to be taken care of after returning from a convention. So it goes …
Pittsburgh Comicon 2014 –

Renee and her convention staff are very pleasant and attentive to every guest! Renee has a very warm smile and makes you feel as welcome as anyone you would hope to meet. Letting you know if you need anything, just ask and she will be more than happy to assist in getting your request filled ASAP.

The people who staff the show and work with her are great. Friday thru Sunday, you are sure to have a visit from them early, they have a cart with all sorts of snacks, pretzels, granola bars, muffins, candy, and other such fair to make sure you have something at your table to munch on when needed. They do the same with a drink cart, water and soda are offered to guests’ daily. Friday and Saturday, there was a sandwich cart offering up a cheese burger or chicken sandwich. Usually I skip lunch as it slows me down, but with this table side service, I grabbed a cheese burger Saturday when I needed something to eat. Thank you for the fine service provided, and more than anything, the thot of doing this.

Time to set-up! I get in early … really early as the show doesn’t open until 1pm, but I like to get into a show, set-up and get a walk around and some chit-chat with old and new friends. So after the table was made and I was familiar with the layout of the show I headed back to my table to just settle in and sorta get into “convention mode”. I’m looking around and see someone wave my way … in a second, I realize it’s someone I know and they are waving at me!

Ernie Stiner! I not only love his art, I love this guy … his Facebook posts’ always are level and he’s a very genuine and warm guy. It was a real pleasure to get to chat with Ernie for about half an hour before I needed to take leave. As with any show, I wish there had been a bit more time to chat and sit with Ernie, but not staying at your table is surely an error when attending a show, as you never know when someone is going to drop by your table to see you, and being at a show is part of the experience of being a good guest to your show host! It also doesn’t hurt you to be there, as these shows, while fun, are business trips in the end.

[ Ernie, I hope to see you again next year, either at Pittsburgh Comicon, or elsewhere, you’re a class act, sir, and Jacob loved the package of stickers you gifted him! Thank you! ]

Friday was slow but steady … never going more than 10-15 minutes without signing some books or chatting it up with some of the fans. It was casual and there was no feeling of being hurried at the show, which for me was perfect as I was still fighting off a cold I had picked up earlier in the week, so the pace and crowd was just right. A good start for the next two days.

10:00am start … so guests’ and vendors get in an hour early. Being a morning person, I was a bit earlier than an hour but the staff let me in and I just got a drink and went to my table. I had taken some commissions from my friend Brian “Batmite” Jones and had them ready. I took the time to just start a Batman head sketch and was still working on it as “warm up” when the show started.

The layout of the tables allowed nice traffic flow between the aisles, so there was no bunching up of people that some shows suffer from that I could tell. Better to have more space than not!

As people began to come in, I started to get busy with signing. Then a triple play of commission request’s and back to more signing! My regret was not being able to complete one of the commissions due to time, and the person not being able to come back on Sunday, or I would have done it in the room later in the evening.

Staying busy the entire day, I didn’t take a break until late in the day when I just had to get up and stretch. It was a short break, but needed.

Time seemed to disappear and soon it was time to pack up and grab some grub.

Brian asked if I had any ideas and Mexican came to mind, so we gathered up a group of people and headed to a local restaurant, which was priced reasonable and was very good, IMHO! We were joined by Brian’s wife, Budd Root and his wife, Meghan Hetrick [ Who I just met at the show and found out about her art ], and some of Brian’s friends, Matt, Carlos and I’m forgetting the name of one more or maybe two? Anyway, after dinner it was back to the hotel and sleep!

As Sunday started a small burst of action happened in the first hour and a half at my table. Last minute autographs and sold the Batman ‘warm-up’ head sketch from Saturday! A bit after 3pm things were thinning out but I took this time to start packing a bit and went over to Bill Sienkiewicz’s table to see him put the final half hour in on this Batman piece which Brian “Batmite” Jones had Bill start at Heroes Con and finish at Pittsburgh Comicon!

Final Thots:
I enjoyed the people who hosted the convention and the staff who helped, the fans were great. So in closing, and I’m sure I left a lot out … be sure, the show was much fun and all three days were good to me, and I hope that everyone I met enjoyed my time I spent with them as I did their time!

In closing, I can announce that I will be ‘back in the ‘Burgh’ next year  for the show again!

The venue is going to be more in the “city” as I’m told, to be held at ” The David Lawrence Convention Center ” and from what I’ve been told, the show was held there in the past. The dates are set for September 11-12-13, 2015!

If you didn’t get a chance to see me this year … come by next!

Keep an eye on my sidebar for upcoming shows for the end of this year and for 2015!

Bye for now -

- John

]]> 0 Gotham Rain! Tue, 23 Sep 2014 20:30:17 +0000 I’ll let the image tell the story …

However, I am stunned at the extra depth the coloring brought out on this piece.
Kelley Jones, John Beatty, Batman, Batman and Joker, Jones, Beatty, The Batman, Batman 75 Years

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Return of the “Batman” by Kelley Jones and John Beatty! Mon, 22 Sep 2014 11:30:30 +0000 Kelley Jones is a lot of fun to ink.

When I received this piece from Kelley to complete for our client, it was all I could do not to jump on it and start inking.

However … work was upon me, so I had to set this beauty aside and wait, and wait, and wait some more. Finally I found time to start it and got an email from the person who had requested and paid for this commission.

There is a lot more back story to this piece and how the person who commissioned it almost had to pull out of the purchase.

So in the weeks following his contact with me about the problem, I was trying to find a ‘new’ buyer without any success.

My feeling is this is one of the most powerful and dramatic Batman pieces that Kel and I have done! That’s saying a lot, as we’ve done some good ones over the years we’ve worked together, and the commissions we’ve done the past few years.

Batman, Kelley Jones, John Beatty, The Batman, Jones and Beatty

Look for a full-color version soon!


- John

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“Lost” again? Sat, 20 Sep 2014 04:20:28 +0000 WOW!

Time has past … I was again, “LOST” or so it seemed.

  • Let’s catch up!

Reunited with Mike Zeck at the Tampa Bay Comic Con in early August.

What a great show! If you didn’t make it and lived in Florida, well … there is next year! I hope to be back myself.

Upon my return from TBCC, I had just unpacked when I was hit with a literal ton of client work that kept me up night and day. I was mixed up all month. Going to bed well after I usually go to sleep … grabbing a few hours here and there. No real schedule but met every deadline I took! > whew! <

I completed the work I took on just in time for the first Amelia Con! It was a smaller venue, but the people showed up and Tayler and Jennifer were fantastic hosts’! Needless to say … attendance and the overall success was great for them! That’s good news and they are planning a second show in 2016. They are working hard on making improvements from this years event. Good job to all involved.

For me, I’ve got Pittsburgh Comicon next weekend and will post more on that soon.

This year has heated up for NEXT year!

Looks like in 2015 I’ll be doing one show a month and there are a couple of months that I’ll be traveling to two shows.

I’ll be posting some NEW shows for the end of this year and for next year soon.

Now … back to it!


- John

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