I like the name “Collective Con” – It speaks

With many new and first shows, they tend to name themselves a “comic con” and then only 10-20% of the show is actually “comic book, comic creators and other comic related items,” it’s refreshing to see a new show’s name encompassing the “collective” other, that so many shows have now incorporated into.

Collective Con, Jacksonville, Florida, May 8, 9, 10, John Beatty
I read it as the “collective” whole, meaning the complete world of geek, nerd, cosplay, anime, manga, toys, independent press, music, media, and pop-culture. If I missed your area of “collective” please know that it’s not on purpose, I’m just not aware of how much else there is.
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A look back at “MegaCon 2015″ from behind the table.

John Beatty - Behind The Table

This year was my best at the ever growing MegaCon in Orlando, Florida.

If MegaCon 2014 was my worst year since it started, MegaCon 2015 was no doubt my best.

Having survived the over-crowded floor of 2014, where people were jammed in and many left outside due to capacity overloads, the promoters of MegaCon made some nice changes this year.
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