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I never watched the show, read and heard a lot about it, people loved it, people hated it and people loved to hate it, people wanted it to end, others didn’t and when it did, people wanted it to end a certain way, etc.

When I was looking for a title for this first new blog post since being gone a long time, I kept thinking to myself, I too had become somewhat “lost.”

I didn’t crash in a plane and get “lost” on an island with a bunch of other people, this much I knew about the show just because of all the chatter about it.

So, if you hang with me, I’ll give a brief [ sure, as brief as possible ] summary of what’s been happening since around mid-March of 2011.

I always look forward to a “new year” beginning. It seems to refresh me, and I get to shake out all the junk from the year before. Always thinking the new year will surely be better than the last. How could it not?

But we begin with the ending of 2010.
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